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    My name is joaquin.

    You have all the AstroRudi reason, we would have to plant and not buy any optics until we have the guarantee that if the optics do not meet the requirements that they mark they could be returned.

    In some stores they tell you that you can only return if you have some manufacturing error, but if the quality is not what you offer you stay with it.

    They would have to bring all the mirrors and telescopes some proof of optical quality and so we would not have to wait for them to analyze them in particular.

    Greetings and happy new year.


    Until you are here the mirror and try it in the sky with the star tes will not know if the mirror will be a normal GSO mirror or a decent mirror looking at the price quality.

    And since I do not have a budget for a zambuto, I will have to settle for a decent looking mirror, if I am lucky.

    I'm already dizzy with both numbers and graphics, because with the star te the mirror is going to tell you everything.




    I want a decent mirror and that at least this in the limit of diffracion and that I do not ruin by buying a mirror of category and sometimes also not all the good that one pays for them as I read in some forums.

    I just wanted to know if the current mirrors that come out of the GSO factories are decent and if at least they meet the diffraction limit.

    A few days ago a store sent me an analysis of a mirror and what you see is not so bad and this mirror is a white GSO brand too.

    I just want to know if a mirror of GSO, KEPLER and GALAXY of those that are coming out lately would pass from the diffraction limit and some as it is in this case with STREHL RATIO 0.915%. o PiCO VALLE from 1 / 4.7.




    Quiero un espejo decente y que al menos esté en el límite de la difracción y que no me arruine comprando un espejo de categoría y que a veces tampoco es todo el bien que uno paga por ellos como leo en algunos foros.

    Solo quería saber si los espejos actuales que salen de las fábricas OSG son decentes y si al menos cumplen con el límite de difracción.

    Hace unos días, una tienda me envió un análisis de un espejo y lo que ves no es tan malo y este espejo también es una marca blanca de OSG.

    Solo quiero saber si un espejo de GSO, KEPLER y GALAXY de los que están saliendo últimamente pasaría del límite de difracción y algo como lo es en este caso con STREHL RATIO 0.915%. o PiCO VALLE de 1 / 4.7.





    Nice to meet you around here too.

    If I know that the kepler brand is sold in France in that store and it is more the store of spain they have to stock up on that French shop of the KEPLER mirrors.

    I was asking around to see if any of the experts who have analysis of GSO mirrors or of these other brands that at the end are also GSO could give me some light in all this.

    I know it would be better to pay more for a good artisan mirror, but at the moment this would not be possible for the € they are worth and seeing the evidence that has been put in this forum if they gave me a mirror so I did not think twice.

    This subject is complicated because also the artisans do not guarantee a quality stretch with some zygo test for example.

    Well nothing to have if someone takes me out of the doubts that I currently have.

    Greetings and many thanks AstroRudi.



    I am thinking of buying a mirror of 16 "F4.5 GSO and these tests do not seem so bad these mirrors by how much they have.

    Surely I bought it in one of these two German stores.


    https://www.intercon-spacetec.…5-bk7-d400-mm-f1800-mm-f/ 4-5.html

    Or in this Spanish store.…o-kepler-de-203mm-f4.html

    And as you will see the mirror is the same GSO mirror but with different brands GALASY and KEPLER.

    Is the quality of these mirrors similar to those of the tests or can they vary a lot?

    Someone who can help me decide?


    Estoy pensando en comprar un espejo de 16 "F4.5 DE GSO y estas pruebas no parecen tan malos estos espejos por cantidad que tienen.

    Seguramente lo compre en una de estas dos tiendas alemanas.


    https://www.intercon-spacetec.…5-bk7-d400-mm-f1800-mm-f/ 4-5.html

    O en esta tienda española.…o-kepler-de-203mm-f4.html

    Y como vera el espejo es el mismo espejo de GSO pero con marcas diferentes GALASY y KEPLER .

    ¿La calidad de estos espejos es similar a la de esas pruebas o puede variar mucho?

    ¿Alguien que me pueda ayudar a decidirme?